About Us

Founded by Nadine Salamy in Beirut, Lebanon, FITN is an everyday athleisure brand made to keep you comfortable and always looking your best whether you’re running an errand, grabbing a coffee or simply hitting the gym.

By purchasing FITN, you’re not only buying a piece of clothing, but you’re also taking part in a community that strives to empower women and promote a healthy body image in the Middle East and across the globe. As FITN, we aim to build a community that attracts self-confidence and believes health & wellness come in all shapes & sizes. We also want to form a true connection with our customers, listen to their wants, and do our utmost to make them feel their best.

As the 1st aesthetic athleisure brand in Lebanon, FITN was quick to catch the attention of celebrities and top-tier influencers, several of whom were spotted wearing it.  FITN brings you a step closer to turning your Pinterest board into reality. 

Our main collection is released in a gorgeous range of neutrals, but we like to spice it up from time to time and add colorful limited editions to your FITN collection. Our monochrome matching sets were made to elevate your everyday look without giving up comfort. FITN encourages you to feel inspired and motivated, after all, it's "a fit that makes you wanna stay fit".